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Explore Bath & The Cotswolds

At the southern tip of The Cotswolds is the city of Bath. Surrounded by wooded hills, the river meandering through, it’s a country city at heart. Walks around Bath then enjoy a driver tour over the southern plains to pick

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Explore Stonehenge & Wiltshire

A journey through 6000 years of human history​. Wiltshire is historically and scenically rich, with sweeping views and a rural bliss you will also find iron-age hill forts, medieval churches and ruined castles.

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Myths & Legends

The Somerset Levels are shrouded in mystique, legend & myth, and the rural humbleness of Dorset feels like yesteryear. There’s a delightful slow country pace to life on this trail.

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The Smuggler’s Tale

Short Break

Walk through spectacular views and scenery on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Enjoy a beachside stay and walks that hug the coast, venturing to the beauty of Abbotsbury, and one of the best views in South West England

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Dorset walking holiday - view of the Dorset coastline

Landscapes and Seascapes

Journey through the folds and creases of the land towards the Dorset coast. Stay by the beach and listen to the sound of the waves as dusk falls, and everyone else has gone home!

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Bath & The Avon Valley

This inn to inn trail features Bath and Bradford upon Avon. Surrounded by wooded hills, graced by beautiful Bath stone buildings, the River Avon flowing through, it’s a stunning spot.

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The Complete Cotswolds

Hike two aspects of the Cotswolds – the rolling wolds, classic market towns and villages characterised by centuries old sheep farming. And the Cotswolds Hills with stunning views as the landscape falls away into the River Severn valley. Perfect for

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Country Houses and Gardens

A must for anyone who loves English country houses and gardens. From stately homes to wandering down long meandering driveways, see the South West’s greatest gardens with a memorable Foot Trail.

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Journey Across The Cotswolds

Our classic inn to inn walking & hiking trail through the heart of The Cotswolds, perfect for 6 to 8 night stays. Walking from village to village on local paths, you’ll discover peaceful countryside and charming Cotswolds character away from

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Taste of The Cotswolds

When time is short enjoy a mini Cotswolds walking adventure crafted from our local knowledge. Customised to your taste; for example explore classic Cotswolds villages, walk the hills, or dwell in Roman history. Perfect for 4 night stays.

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