Why walk this way?

A Foot Trail is a custom made and crafted English walking experience. Our trips don’t come off the shelf as a fixed package.

Foot Trails team live and work in the South West region so we have local know how and expertise to get you off the beaten track. Every walking trail is created by our expert in-house trail creators.

Travel through rural South West England in depth with our guidance. With trips from 3 nights to 3 weeks, tread up to 1000 miles of handcrafted trails that connect you to Britain’s villages, historic paths , nature, green landscapes and country inns.

Three words sum up the Foot Trails experience …


Life can be hectic and complicated. We work to make things simple for you. Our trips don’t come off the shelf as a fixed package like many walking trips do. We will learn your wishes and you’ll work with your own expert Rural Travel Planner to create your custom made itinerary that suits your needs and experience. Where can you eat? Park? Need an airport transfer? Want shorter walks one day, longer the next? Two of you want a longer walk than the rest of your party? No problem. We’ll take care of the nitty gritty so you can focus on creating long lasting memories.


It takes years to learn how to craft anything to a high level. Something memorable and of quality. Our passion is creating world class walking experiences in this region and everything about your Foot Trail is deliberate, organised and chosen with care and intent for you. All of Foot Trails team live and work in South West England. Work with us and stand out from the crowd!


To discover what’s real, honest and authentic about rural England we have to get you off the beaten track and typical tourist trails. Stand out from the crowd. We work with our neighbours, local people and local businesses who share this ethos. We use our local expertise to guide your choice and create your own itinerary and experience.

What can I expect?

Personally chosen country inns and hotels

There is nothing formulaic about our choices. Alison Howell our Founder personally chooses each one for its warm welcome, location and experience. Often centuries old, each embodies the local area you’ve come to explore and will be a place where you can relax, restore and eat at the end of an inspiring day on the trail.

Finding your way

A great walk begins with confidence in knowing where to step. To find your way you can either map read using the local maps we provide or follow the word directions on our trail cards, or use a combination of both. Tried and tested, by our team and Volunteer Trail Guides, both are included in your custom Walk and Explore Box. Produced on tough waterproof paper to withstand the elements.

Learn about history, stories and legends as you walk and take advantage of suggested departure times, recommended lunch stops and other guidance, drawn from our local experience and expertise.

Food and drink with provenance

Choosing Foot Trails means that you can look forward to eating local food and drink. By this we mean, fresh, local where possible and seasonal. Think regional cheeses, local meats, handmade desserts and real ales and ciders as well as fine wines. Food with provenance and a story of its own. Delicious.

“The trip was wonderful. The walking tour was so well planned by Foot Trails. The beauty of the countryside was everything we imagined of England. Our accommodations were excellent. The taxi service was excellent, everyone was so informed and helpful and very kind.”

Shirley and Gary, USA

“My over-riding memory of my Foot Trail in England was of an overwhelming prettiness, as well as a calibre of food that was far more local, whole and mindful than I had expected”

Sarah Wilson, Australian foodie author, Masterchef judge, TV Presenter

View the Foot Trails brochure

Get inspired with our 2018 collection of walking Foot Trails. Custom making and crafting from scratch, you’ll work with your own dedicated expert Travel and Walking Planner to create your trip. And when you are happy with it you’ll pay your deposit. It’s time to stand out from the crowd.

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