An English Summer

An English Summer

Golden tones of ripening grasses, evocative pink and purple meadow flowers, swooping swallows & swifts and hazy views, a few of the things that typify the English summer.

The season drifts in almost unnoticed but is unmistakable in feel and look. Walk with us in this headiest of seasons, swaying grasses on a warm breeze, a time of plenty, nature content and happy. Harvest is about to start and long summer days for making hay!

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Top tips for Summer walking

  • Dress in several thin layers for summer walking. English summer weather can vary enormously from very warm and sunny to cool and cloudy, breezy or rainy. Be prepared for multiple weathers, sometimes during the same day, by having a waterproof, warm fleece and sun hat with you. You can more easily adjust a thin layer or two to be warmer or cooler.
  • Be prepared for sun and heat, carry sun cream and block with you and also a sun hat. Check yourself whenever you pause to drink and add more block if needed.
  • Take plenty of water, about 1 litre per person. You will be exerting yourself and exercising and will need to stay hydrated. In warm weather you’ll need to drink a cup of water every half an hour or so.
  • Always take a mobile phone with you and contact numbers you may need for an emergency.
  • It may be summer but waterproof walking boots are advisable. If weather conditions are for a prolonged dry spell you might consider a training shoe with a strong sole, so you could bring both a trainer and walking boot. During summer overnight dews, or a passing rain shower, will leave long summer grasses wet and you will need those boots. Comfortable feet are vital for enjoyment!
  • Don’t forget your camera, there’ll be multiple opportunities for taking great photographs!
Summer Walking

Summer walking, Alison Howell shares her favourite things about an English summer

  • The sounds of summer – distant hum of combine harvesters working, happy birds and laughing children out from school. The fizz and crackle of drinks poured over ice..
  • The smells of summer – cut grass, meadow flowers and the sea.
  • Tastes of summer – home-made ice creams, chilled white wine, the freshest of salads and crusty breads.
  • The warm sunshine and shady trees. Maybe not every day, but when the sun shines it’s wonderful :-), as is the dappled shade of an English wood.
  • Picnics. Really eating any food outside. Rugs on the ground and fine local picnic fare like pork pies & chutney, scones with strawberries and cream and more besides. Everything tastes better outdoors :-).
  • Those hazy views.
  • Grasses and crops, swaying in the breeze and turning slowly golden as harvest approaches.
  • Long late evenings and chilled out dusks.
  • The feeling that summer will just go on for ever :-).
  • Being able to walk unbundled and without a pullover.

Custom made & crafted walking

Our daily itinerary will be custom made to you, how many days you wish to be on the trail, how challenging you would like the walks to be and other options too.

The trips featured on our website are ideas and examples to give you inspiration and a feel for how your trip could look.

When you get in touch we will take a little time to find out more from you about the experience you would like, the things you enjoy and your travel plans. We then use our passion, experience and local knowledge of South West England to craft a daily itinerary for you.

You will receive a full daily itinerary and details of all your accommodations before you book. Once you are happy with your itinerary you simply confirm with us and we will look after everything for you.

Like to find out more?

To find out more and request an example itinerary for one of our trails, just pop your details in below or give us a call on +44 (0) 1747 820626.

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