Explore Stonehenge & Wiltshire

A journey through 6000 years of human history

Explore Stonehenge & Wiltshire is an inn to inn walking trail best enjoyed over 7 nights.

This is a Foot Trail big on history, Saxons, Normans, cathedrals, castles and forts, to the humble cottages, there’s 6000 years of human stories to explore and be inspired by. And not to miss is a guided day with David at Stonehenge.

An explorer style trip there’s the opportunity to linger a little longer and really soak up both the story and the landscape.

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Inn to Inn walking & hiking in Wiltshire

Nearly 6000 years ago humans started to settle and leave their mark on the land, from sacred monuments and burials to ditches, farming and camps. Wiltshire is one of the most inspiring places to be in the landscape on foot and immerse yourself in history.

Starting in the west near the legendary Egbert’s Stone, a Saxon court, you will journey across the Wiltshire Downs with their big 360’ views. You will find earthworks and tales to bring the landscape to life.

Next it’s into the river valleys that surround the medieval city of Salisbury, the 13th century Cathedral still dominates the landscape. Here amongst the river valleys you will find charming villages of thatched cottages, ancient churches and a ruined 14th century church.

Your trail concludes with Stonehenge, one of David’s (Foot Trails co-founder) loves. The stone circle is just the centre of a much larger ceremonial site. It’s a fascinating site that never ceases to inspire, raise questions and provoke thought. Explore independently, or some of our guests opt to have the Foot Trails team guide them for their Stonehenge day.

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