Golden Autumn

Golden Autumn

Autumn (fall) draws in from September to late November. This seasonal change is glorious. September brings seasonal mists to the valley floors. Mid to end of October the trees changes with their burnt oranges, reds and yellows.

At the end of October the clocks go back and it’s time to cosy up by a log fire after your walks.

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Autumn Walking

Top tips for Autumn walking

1) Dress in several thin layers for Autumn walking. English autumn weather can vary enormously from warm and sunny to cool and cloudy, breezy or rainy. Be prepared for multiple weathers, sometimes during the same day by having a waterproof, warm fleece, sun hat and sun cream with you. You can more easily adjust a thin layer or two to be warmer or cooler.

2) Always take a mobile phone with you and know the contact numbers for an emergency.

3) Take plenty of water. It is a misconception to think you need to drink less in autumn than other times of the year. You will be exerting yourself and exercising so take plenty of water with you.

4) Waterproof walking boots are essential in autumn. Not only will these protect your ankles and give you support, and also grip if you encounter mud or wetter sections, but they will ensure your feet stay comfortable and dry. Comfortable feet are vital for enjoyment!

5) Don’t forget your camera. Autumn often provides multiple opportunities for taking great photographs in different weather conditions. Sunshine on colourful autumn leaves or soft autumn light on church stone for example.


Autumn in England, our favourite bits
By Founder Alison Howell

1) The atmosphere created by those early morning mists which hover over rivers, lakes and countryside.

2) The great variety of weather. Autumn can be cool, a little breezy or it can produce vivid blue skies and clear days. Sometimes all in one day! We’ll provide suggested clothing lists to ensure you’re all prepared.

3) The emergence of funghi. There are said to be 8 times as many funghi as flowering plants in the UK. That’s a lot!

4) The fun of jumping in piles of leaves, making piles of leaves, trying to catch a falling leaf! Need we say more.

5) Legitimate reasons to wear scarves, mittens and big woolly jumpers.

6) Knowing you are doing something which is fantastic fun but also great for your mental and physical health. Walking.

7) A mug of hot chocolate.

8) Having spent the day in the elements, kicking back by a log fire and having nothing more to do than relax and listen to it hiss and crackle.

9) Roasts and stews! They make a welcome return to British menus in the autumn. Along with bangers and mash (sausages) and fruit crumbles.

10) The smell of woodsmoke. Nothing beats its evocative scent in the country air.

Custom made walking

Your trip will be custom made to suit you – your likes, wishes and importantly your walking ability.

All Foot Trails include your accommodation en-suite, in personally chosen country inns and accommodations, country breakfast to start the day, one bottle of wine (or for Devon a pack of local goodies), independent walking itinerary tailor made to suit you and the spring season, crafted Walk and Explore box packed by hand with your own local maps with your routes annotated, innovative trail cards with clear word directions (on our special waterproof paper) step by step and local histories and stories, nature guide, our signature travel sweets and more!

Like to find out more?

To find out more and request an example itinerary for one of our trails, just pop your details in below or give us a call on +44 (0) 1747 820626.

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