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Foot Trails hits headlines this week

Foot Trails team are regularly invited to speak as experts in local, regional, national and international press on matters from England’s rural economies to rural tourism, enterprise and of course walking and travel on foot.

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Walking and health hits headlines

Walking has made the front and prominent pages of some well known British newspapers today.

A new scientific research project has concluded that just 20 minutes walking a day can help us to live longer.

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Walking – It can take commitment

I love my work for Foot Trails. But often after an active week I’m more than ready for a walk myself.

And that’s just what I mean by today’s subject title. Walking. Sometimes it takes commitment. Because it does.

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When is it really spring?

Spring never starts suddenly. The classic tussle between the season many of us long to see and winter is not smooth. Winter is strong and doesn’t want to give up her reign.

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