Out & about – peaceful Winter walks

Here at Foot Trails we spend a lot of time over the winter months checking and updating our unique and custom walking trails. Winter is the perfect time of year to come crunching across the countryside, marvelling at nature’s silent beauty, breathe the crisp fresh air.

My walk last week was during a colder spell of weather where the temperature dropped to around 0c (32F). It’s a gorgeous pocket of rural England, blissfully untouched and far removed from the business of day to day life. This part of England is renowned for its thatched cottages and sweeping chalk downs that gracefully roll across the horizon.

Winter walks in rural England
Winter walks in rural England

My path takes me alongside a babbling stream and a tranquil pond before guiding me upward towards the lofty heights of the downs. As I made my way up the hill, I was treated with the sight of two majestic birds of prey – Red Kites – soaring elegantly overhead, their wings catching the gentle breeze. It was a moment to pause and savour, a fleeting yet enchanting encounter with the untamed beauty around me.

As I made my way up the hill, my thoughts soared alongside the birds, envisioning the world through their eyes. Upon reaching the top of the hill, reality merged with imagination, granting me a panoramic vista that left me in awe.

Checking our trails in rural England

For the next hour and a half I make my way across equally beautiful landscape carefully checking our trail instructions and making notes. I’m rewarded for my efforts as I reach the lunch stop on this trail, a newly refurbished airfield cafe with floor to ceiling glass windows that look out over the grassy hilltop airfield and the landscape beyond.

As I sat there in the warmth & tucked into a Christmas themed gourmet burger (complete with stuffing, bacon and cranberry sauce!) it began to snow. Does it get much better than this?

– Alastair, Foot Trails Itinerary Consultant

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