Out & about – Autumn in The Cotswolds

Last week we out & about, checking our Corinium trail in the Cotswolds.

It was a misty autumn morning as we arrived at our starting point, a quiet village in the Cotswolds countryside. We took some time to explore the church, an important place for our family history.

Church in rural Cotswolds village

We left the church along a track into the frosty fields. As we headed uphill into the trees, the milky sky began to clear and shards of sunlight shone through. We watched as a horse galloped across the horizon in the autumn glow – a beautiful sight!

Into the trees, we entered Cirencester park, which has been owned and run by the Bathurst family since the 18th century. The park was intended as a relaxing rural retreat, and a place to appreciate nature.

As we explored we discovered many structures hidden amongst the trees, including Pope’s seat (photographed below). The perfect place for peace and quiet, and beautiful bird song!

Beautiful Autumn walks in The Cotswolds

A pleasant stroll along the tree lined rides lead us to Cirencester, “the capital of the Cotswolds”. Now a vibrant market town, Cirencester is full of history, intertwined with the Romans and the medieval wool trade. 

We found a cosy cafe hidden in a market courtyard, and rewarded ourselves with a hot coffee and sandwich.

– Maggie & David

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