When is it really spring?

WP_20150406_14_00_33_ProSpring never starts suddenly. The classic tussle between the season many of us long to see and winter is not smooth. Winter is strong and doesn’t want to give up her reign.

So subtle signs of spring (first flowers and blooms, some warmer rays of sunshine) gradually appear. But beware! Winter will not give up easily.

This morning many of us in England awoke to a frost and a thin veil of light mist which will evaporate as the sun rises higher.
I’m still here! I’m still here! says winter. And I’m strong.

I love this time of year.
The weather is always different and changing. And so is the countryside, at speed. Every day we can see something new. Gradually of course winter will grow weak and ebb away completely and spring will grow strong.

Walking in Wiltshire at the weekend the signs of spring are certainly growing. We had some very warm sunshine. The first bluebell flowers are forming and the scent of wild garlic unmistakable in the woodland.


Blossoms on the trees are pretty and delicate on cool early spring breezes. Many of the local fields are full of lambs – and the daylight stretches out in the evenings making us all feel more alive.

Walking at this time of year it’s essential to pack with a variety of clothing. A sunhat, suncream, warm fleece or waterproof might all be needed! And do remember plenty of water.

We ended our walk yesterday in true Foot Trails tradition with a pint at the local pub. A refreshing glass of west country cider proved to be the perfect way to conclude our first warm spring walk of the year.











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