Walking – It can take commitment

Walking. Sometimes it takes commitment

Alison October 14 2I love my work for Foot Trails. But often after an active week I’m more than ready for a walk myself.

And that’s just what I mean by today’s subject title. Walking. Sometimes it takes commitment. Because it does.

It’s so easy to think of at least 20 other things that could be done instead of going for a walk.

I get around this by scheduling walk time in my diary. Just as I would a meeting, phone appointment or event. And I stick to it.

I do walk on the spur of the moment too. At lunchtime, early in the morning or in the evening after work as the thought grabs me. But for longer time walking I need it booked in my diary if it’s going to happen.

WP_20150418_17_01_44_ProSometimes the thought of the time concerns me. But it’s always worth it. Never have I gone for a walk and thought to myself now, I really wish I hadn’t gone for this walk.



As I strolled along today beneath idyllic spring skies the busyness of the week seeped gradually away. You know the sort. A deep indigo blue sky. Solid colour. Almost impossibly blue. With just a few odd wispy clouds. The kind that look like a small bit of cotton wool someone has stretched and stretched until there is barely anything there but a streak of white.

The light (I always notice light, do you?) was captivating. Falling squarely and brightly on the blackthorn flowers. And giving the countryside a romantic feeling. Each step took me to some new corner, view, through wild garlic carpets so thick that when they are fully mature and grown that corner is going to smell VERY garlicky!


One of the pleasures for me in walking is that either my mind has so many wonderful things to see, hear and enjoy that it rests. Or my thoughts if I have them can bob along unhurried. I love having this time to think. Some great Foot Trails eureka moments have themselves happened when I have been walking.


Now I’m back at my desk. Relaxed. Calm and refreshed. In fact all ready to crack on with those 20 things on my to do list.

Have a wonderful weekend. If you can, put some time in your diary for a walk. I’m sure it will be worthwhile. That the commitment to yourself will be worth it. And that everything else can wait until you get back?

by Alison Howell, Foot Trails Founder

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