Small, spiny visitors at our Wiltshire base


We have enjoyed spotting this visitor at our Wiltshire base during the last few weeks!

Hedgehogs are tiny spiny animals who are one of the most familiar of Britain’s wild animals.

We have a whole family living below the wooden decking and everyone from baby to mum and dad make regular wanderings through the garden! Undeterred by us and the dog. Even in broad daylight.

These small creatures are however in a spot of trouble and disappearing from our countryside. Numbers have fallen by 30% in the last 10 years. This is thought to be due to a lack of habitat for them but the good news is there are some positive and small steps we can all take to help.

  • Don’t mend the small holes in your fence. Hedgehogs need to roam large areas, several hectares to feed and need routes through land and gardens to do this.Avoid poisonous slug pellets as hedgehogs love to eat slugs.

    Leave small piles of fallen leaves in your garden. They are great for for hedgehog prey and enable the hedgehogs to hide as they wander.

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