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Book a March 2018 or April 2018 Foot Trail before 31st December and you’ll receive:

  • Special seasonal spring pricing
  • Colins Gem pocket guide to wild flowers
  • Mindfulness, a book by Alison Howell to help you get the most from your spring walking experience

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  1. About an English spring
  2. Book a March 2018 or April 2018 Foot Trail
  3. Read our reviews on Trip Advisor
  4. Request a free Seasonal Guide to Walking in England
  5. See our top tips for England walking tours during spring
  6. Read our Founder, Alison Howell’s favourite spring moments
  7. Gain our expert tips on walking in spring

1. About an English Spring

Spring – it sets forth an explosion of both life and colour in the English countryside that is dramatic and refreshing to see.

Everything wakes up. Starting with the bulbs and early woodland flowers like the pretty wood anemone and then wild garlic and wild bluebells soon follow taking their chances to shine before the tree canopies bloom and steal the show.

Many scientific reports these days show what we believe at Foot Trails, how being in nature makes us humans feel inspired, calm and less stressed. Brilliant! So if the beauty and history of the South West UK alone won’t lure you perhaps the health benefits will. Don your boots and book one of our inspirational spring Foot Trails. You’ll feel healthier and happier for it whilst taking part is a great way to take time out, live life at 2 mph as we like to say, and explore England.

We’re an expert authority on walking in South West England. How can we say this? Well, we’ve dedicated our lives to personally walking the region’s paths over the last 20 years, building our local knowledge step by step, mile by mile and then originating our own trails and routes. So you’ll not only have a walking trip that’s custom made to your wishes (not an off the shelf package or guide book) but you’ll also successfully get off the beaten track and away from busy national trails and crowds.

Included below are some ideas for you to consider, specially selected spring breaks we recommend from early March and through April.

2. Book a March 2018 or April 2018 Foot Trail

Book a March 2018 or April 2018 Foot Trail before 31st December and you’ll receive:

  • Special seasonal spring pricing
  • Colins Gem pocket guide to wild flowers
  • Mindfulness, a book by Alison Howell to help you get the most from your spring walking experience

Foot Trails has a small expert team of Trip Planners and our founders Alison and David Howell know the best places to walk and stay from personal experience and have the local expertise to create for you a custom made trip and itinerary to suit you and your plans.

Just pick up the phone and call us on +44 (0) 1747 820 626 or email us at

3. Read our reviews on Trip Advisor

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4. When to walk? Request your Complimentary Seasonal Guide

For more advice on the best time of the year to walk in England, request your copy of our new, complimentary Seasonal Guide to Walking in England. Just email or call David Howell on +44 (0) 1747 820 626

5. Pick one of our Refreshing Spring independent walks …

  • Stonehenge, Bath & Wiltshire

    Walking & Touring, Wiltshire & Bath

    This incredible experience gives you the opportunity to use our local expertise and walk at two UNESCO world heritage sites, that of Stonehenge, and the Georgian city of Bath (Foot Trails HQ home) and enjoy the marvellous countryside both surrounding Bath and found in Wiltshire. Read more
  • Complete Cotswolds, Chipping Campden to Bath

    Inn to Inn, The Cotswolds

    Using our lifetime of local knowledge we created this new trail, Complete Cotswolds, using local paths, villages and market towns. We have mapped every mile. You can choose to walk every day, or perhaps have rest days or sight seeing days built in. This is an option that is far removed from mass tourism, coaches and package trips. One less well known but more varied in scenery. Read more
  • English Country Houses and Gardens New for 2018, you can walk and visit the region's most impressive country houses and gardens. From stately homes to wandering down long meandering driveways, see the South West's greatest gardens with a memorable Foot Trail. Stay for several nights in multiple locations of up to 6 different counties of South West England. Read more
  • Bath City & Country

    Staying in one place, Bath

    A rural walking/hiking holiday based in the heart of the world heritage city of Bath. Taking in the ancient Roman and Georgian history. You will also discover the peaceful, spectacular surrounding countryside of the valleys and hills around Bath. A beautiful haven of mellow stone cottages, rural hamlets and wildlife. Read more
  • Thomas Hardy’s Dorset

    Inn to Inn Walking & Hiking, Dorset

    Walk in the footsteps of Hardy's Tess D'Urbervilles and follow her story through north Dorset. You'll take in Shaston (Shaftesbury) and Marnhull (Marlett) with plenty of Dorset countryside and hand-picked country inns and pubs. Read more
  • Devon Coast

    Staying in one place, South Devon

    Brimming with beauty from the sea. Coves, coastal views, white plastered cottages and tales of sea shanties and shipwrecks. Walking in Devon will delight and also surprise you. Read more

Your trip will be custom made to suit you – your likes, wishes and importantly your walking ability.

All Foot Trails include your accommodation en-suite, in personally chosen country inns and accommodations, country breakfast to start the day, one bottle of wine (or for Devon a pack of local goodies), independent walking itinerary tailor made to suit you and the spring season, crafted Walk and Explore box packed by hand with your own local maps with your routes annotated, innovative trail cards with clear word directions (on our special waterproof paper) step by step and local histories and stories, nature guide, our signature travel sweets and more!

Call +44 (0) 1747 820 626 or email to chat over your plans with David Howell, our expert Trip Planner and book your refreshing spring walking holiday or hiking vacation today.


6. Spring in England, our favourite bits :

By Founder Alison Howell

1) The sense of happiness gained from seeing the burst of colour following winter’s sleep. Look out for indigo coloured bluebells, white symmetrical flowers of the wild garlic, beautiful pink blossoms and a multitude of other wild flowers and blooms. We’ll give you a wild flower guide in your Walk and Explore Box so that you can identify our local English varieties.

2) The great variety of weather. Sometimes all in one day. Spring can bounce from cool to warm in a moment transforming landscapes and countryside continually as it does. It keeps us on our toes! We’ll provide you with an up to date local weather forecast a few days before you depart.

3) The uplifting sound of bird song. Birds love spring. And love to sing as they work!

4) The joyful feeling of those first rays of warmer sunshine of the year on your skin. All that vitamin D!

5) The first lunch or drink outdoors of the year. Everything tastes better outdoors. We’ll make sure you know our top hand-picked pubs and cafes where you can enjoy lunch en-route and we’ll tell you about village shops we know of in case you fancy a Spring picnic.

6) The sight of young animals and birds. Spring is a time for new life in the animal kingdom as well as plants. Look out for lambs, chicks and listen out for baby birds.

7) Knowing you are doing something fantastic for your health and well being and enjoying yourself at the same time.

8) The delight of Spring’s all encompassing hold. Spring changes the landscape the weather and the wildlife. Every step you’ll be spoilt for choice with views, life and sounds.

9) The scent. Whether wild bluebell’s delicate and evocative scent or the pungent unmistakable smell of wild garlic in English woodlands. Spring smells wonderful!

10) Knowing that following Spring will come Summer. With even more natural delights to enjoy.

7. Top tips for Spring walking

1) Dress in several thin layers for Spring walking. English Spring weather can vary enormously from warm and sunny to cool and cloudy, breezy or rainy. Be prepared for multiple weathers, sometimes during the same day by having a waterproof, warm fleece, sun hat and sun cream with you. You can more easily adjust a thin layer or two to be warmer or cooler.

2) Always take a mobile phone with you and know the contact numbers for an emergency.

3) Take plenty of water. It is a misconception to think you need to drink less in Spring than other times of the year. You will be exerting yourself and exercising so take plenty of water with you.

4) Waterproof walking boots are essential in Spring. Not only will these protect your ankles and give you support, and also grip if you encounter mud or wetter sections, but they will ensure your feet stay comfortable and dry. Comfortable feet are vital for enjoyment!

5) Don’t forget your camera. Spring often provides multiple opportunities for taking great photographs in different weather conditions. Sunshine on blossom or a breeze blowing through wild bluebells for example.

Dreams of walking in rural England?

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