Foot Trails featured in The Sunday Times – Go Wild!

Foot Trails in The Sunday Times – Go wild!


It’s fantastic Foot Trails has been featured as part of today’s Sunday Times travel supplement – because the sentiment of the piece is so great. Called “Kidz Go Wild” it’s saying – this summer get your children back to nature and outdoors. Simple.The sort of experiences featured are those certainly I grew up with and my own children have also been able to enjoy. Things like climbing trees (I did smile at the little feature about how to climb a tree) spotting and naming wild flowers, picking off a blackberry in the autumn and enjoying walks that become adventures because of the discoveries and stories you find on the way.

And one of my all time personal favourites – the creating of and blowing of a grass trumpet! Have you ever done that?! Take a big fat blade of grass, fold it in half down the middle, then positioning it between your thumbs leaving a gap either side, blow… it takes a bit of practice but is amazingly satisfying!

Foot Trails are great for families that are outdoor minded. We take care of everything. Listening to your needs, planning an itinerary to suit you and the time of year as well. Ensuring all the little details (and bigger ones) are taken care of. Where to park, where to have lunch, the best sort of time to depart so you don’t miss lunch,  trails that are interesting and varied and of course great places to stay.

And I like to think that we help everyone who wants too (yes I’m referring to adults too here) return to those fun and care free parts of childhood that sometimes got lost in everyday life. Discovering things, taking time (a whole day, for many days in a row) just to explore. Adventure. Freedom.

If you need an excuse to leave the mobile phone behind for a few days, this is it.

Life is an adventure. Young or old we all need these experiences to live and enjoy life to the full. It does the soul and heart good to have time to appreciate the world and what is out there.

So if a childhood yearning is calling you, please pick up today’s Sunday Times, read all about Foot Trails Somerset Knights Tale, pick some dates and get in touch with us to book a Foot Trail.

Happy trails. Alison


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