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Inspired by BBC Countryfile

Did you watch BBC Countryfile last night? It was a special episode to celebrate the program’s 25th anniversary and was guest edited by Prince Charles. It’s available to those anywhere in the world via BBC I-player if you missed it.

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Life in the country

I was out walking in the woods at the weekend when I heard a really awful shrill cry. Thinking it may have been an injured bird I went to walk on. The next set of screams I heard can only

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Being in nature is good for the soul

Many of us have always believed it. That being in nature is good for the soul. Now it would seem some studies have been done which indicate the same. Research studies show that people who spend just 20 minutes a

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The snows arrive to Wiltshire

Whilst the rest of the UK was amok with the white stuff earlier this week, Bath, Wiltshire and our local area of the South West stayed bright, sunny and snow free. Then this morning, after countless different coloured weather warnings

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To look back, look forwards, or both!

At this time of year (New Year’s Eve) talk of resolutions, new year’s ones, are customary. Only trouble is I’m not convinced that traditional style resolutions work. Don’t get me wrong, the end of one year and the start of

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