Being in nature is good for the soul

Summer Walking Holidays

Many of us have always believed it.

That being in nature is good for the soul. Now it would seem some studies have been done which indicate the same.

Research studies show that people who spend just 20 minutes a day outside benefit from increased vitality and well-being. Being outdoors makes us feel more alive.

In an ever changing and fast paced world it can take a determined approach to ensure that nature and the outdoors still has a place in our lives.

We interact by mobile phone, tablets, laptops and devices – we can be constantly accessible. We rush around by car, train, plane and taxi. Sometimes we may barely make it outdoors at all.

Nature can help restore our energy levels.

Studies show that those with a high level of vitality are less prone to illnesses. They feel happier and healthier.

Next time you feel an energy dip, down or a slump, get yourself outdoors.




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