Walking England's Rural Canvas

Walking The Cotswolds

At this time of year the fields of barley (with its long wispy delicate whiskers) and wheat are starting to turn and ripen. Barley changes beautifully from its vibrant green to a light beige. And wheat, standing tall and proudly as it does in the fields to a golden hue. The sight of both crops […]

Dorset Royal Chase – New walking trip

New walk in Dorset – Dorset Cottages, part of the Dorset Royal Chase inn to inn   It was a small but interesting party who set off keenly on Saturday morning to walk through North Dorset’s spectacular countryside in England. Julia Killick (CBE) and Lynn Bann are Foot Trails newest volunteer trail guides, responsible for […]

A right pea souper

We emerge from our car into a right pea souper. Fog hangs like a white veil across the wintry countryside. Everything looks hazy. Soon fine droplets start clinging to our hair and clothes forming a white layer. As we descend the hill the shape of a church tower suddenly emerges through the fog. The weather […]

Behind the scenes as Foot Trails creates a new trail

A light, larger and brighter than a usual star shines brightly in the dark skies above Bath. ” Is that the international space station?” I ask David Dawn was still to break as we headed towards Wiltshire by car with the purpose of creating a new 8.5 mile walking trail, Fables of Old England. Dressed […]

Foot Trails proud to support new government campaign

Foot Trails is proud to be supporting the new #ExportingisGREAT campaign to encourage businesses to export.                                               Foot Trails began our export journey back in 2012 and we have been working with UKTI […]

Foot Trails hits headlines this week

Foot Trails team are regularly invited to speak as experts in local, regional, national and international press on matters from England’s rural economies to rural tourism, enterprise and of course walking and travel on foot. This week Foot Trails founder Alison Howell was invited to provide expert advice for beginners to walking for Key Retirement. […]

Foot Trails launches its new 2016 program

Foot Trails launches its new 2016 walking holiday program I’m not sure what noise would best accompany the launch of a new walking holiday program. Perhaps not a fanfare of music but more a furious stamping of boots in quick succession…. Anyway, whatever noise best suits it’s here! Foot Trails new 2016 walking holiday program. […]

Walking and health hits headlines

  Walking has made the front and prominent pages of some well known British newspapers today. A new scientific research project has concluded that just 20 minutes walking a day can help us to live longer. Cambridge University studied 334 000 people to reach the conclusions. The findings seem hardly surprising and are aimed in […]

Dorset in the sunshine – freedom and smiles

    The words were simple but heartfelt this afternoon – “Outdoors is where my soul feels the most calm and relaxed.” David and I were walking in Dorset earlier today. The sun was shining… and as with the vast majority of our trails and routes we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It […]

Foot Trails launches – Journey to the Stones

Debut walk – Journey to the Stones Three days of rain, heavier than we had seen for some time fell confidently in the days before Foot Trails debut Journey to the Stones guided day walk. Shame we said. Then, on Thursday morning (Election day 7th May) as politicians braced themselves, down in deepest Wiltshire and […]