Travel (and adventure)

Taking in a view of Wessex

I have held a desire to travel for as long as I can remember. When I was a young girl my adventures were around the farm in England where I lived.

I would disappear for the day and just roam and explore. Make all sorts of discoveries. Let my imagination run wild and return home starving.

Then when I grew up my love of adventure remained. I gave up a job at IBM and spent three months walking and exploring France. Pretty much starting in the top near Caen and ending up at the Mediterranean. It was superb.

And of course travel remains a huge part of my life with Foot Trails being all about that very subject. I gain enormous pleasure from seeing us help our guests worldwide travel to the English countryside and discover and explore it for themselves.

Travel requires a particular attitude of mind. Curiosity helps enormously. A love of finding something new and unknown is good too. Open mindedness helps. Travel means going somewhere that’s different to where you are used to being. Being prepared to try experiences you can’t always be prepared for. (Good lessons in business too).

For me personally one of the greatest things I love about travel is the feeling of being completely in the unknown and new and not quite knowing what the place you end up in will look and sound like. There’s a wonderful element of surprise. We all work hard to maintain this great sense of discovery and adventure in our holidays. The balance between ensuring you feel happy and confident in where you are going, but leaving things to discover for yourself.

Travel can be something you do in a county or place you’ve always known, but never quite seen all of. Or something you do in a different and new country. Often I feel that even a walk through the village where I live can be a great journey if I approach it in the right way.

So travel. Discover. Explore. Embrace the new. Gain perspective. Travel provides us with the opportunity for some of life’s greatest adventures and experiences.

Warm wishes Alison


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