Phrase of the week – Raining Cats and Dogs

Phrase of the week – Raining cats and dogs….

It is, currently, “raining cats and dogs” in Wiltshire, Bath and through the West country.

Are animals falling from the sky?! No, this strange sounding phrase originates from 17th century England and means, it’s raining heavily.

No-one is sure precisely how it came about but it’s certainly stuck!

Those uninitiated in English rain can (understandably) be a little concerned or fearful of it. Fear not. It’s only weather. It passes (it’s due to stop raining by 10 am this morning) and it is our variable weather that makes England the country it is, green and lush with vegetation, trees and plants.

For those embarking on a Foot Trail at any time of year, it is wise to be prepared for rain. There are a multitude of wonderful rain coats now available, with taped seams and breathable layers that keep you dry and comfortable as you walk. They’re light and portable, just pop it in your rucksack and Bob’s your Uncle (we’ll talk about that phrase another time!).


There are also waterproof trousers (or pants) too and storm proof umbrellas, so no need to get wet at all.

For those who overcome the mild anxiety, they find the whole experience of walking in rain quite liberating. A sort of badge of honour and sense of achievement. It will give you stories to tell and share forever, amazing photos and well, you’ll have done it. Like us. Walked in rain in England, survived, got the t-shirt and possibly enjoyed it. There’s a sense of post walking in rain euphoria. Rarely spoken of, but we’re breaking cover and talking about it!

Cheers and Happy Trails!


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