Barges, crab apples and mist

Barges, crab apples and mist A Sunday walk around Bath’s valleys (Bath City and Country walking tour) On Sunday I left the house early and walked up into the rolling hills that surround Bath. I had spent the week in Foot Trails HQ, a place I love to be, but nether the less, fresh air and the great outdoors called strongly to me. As I got higher each step took me further away from laptops, computers and phones and closer to quiet, nature and the enveloping autumn. As I stepped to the very top and looked back the valleys around Bath and their villages were happily lost in a sea of mist. Just the very tops of the tallest trees and the odd church spire stuck out. The effect was rather like that of being on top of a mountain above the clouds. WP_20141109_09_16_53_Pro I do love this time of year. Some say it is a little muddy and neither autumn or yet winter. I find it delightful. Dew hung heavy on the grass in great droplets that reflected the growing golden light. WP_20141109_08_54_13_Pro On a muddy track I passed through a rusted metal gate held together by string and then stopped to photograph the random fallen crab apples and leaves that made colourful patterns and pictures on the path. WP_20141109_09_28_31_Pro WP_20141109_09_46_36_Pro Along the canal I enjoyed both the smell and the silent escape of wood smoke from the barge chimneys as it rose up and then appeared to vanish into thin air. WP_20141109_09_53_43_Pro InstagramCapture_1c61d56a-c44d-4d0e-81cd-0dfdf019e55d 9 or 10 miles later and my legs were a little tired but my mind was free, peaceful, my thoughts easy and slow. It had been a glorious walk. Warm Regards Alison PS In late autumn and winter, November through to the end of February we can arrange a short 2 night walking break for you on our winter rates. If you long to escape your desk and enjoy the elements this is the time for you to walk! Hand-picked indulgent country inns with excellent food and proper log fires await after your walks. Hurry – places will book quickly. Email or call us on 01747 820626 for more details or to book. As an extra surprise why not book a walking trip for a loved one as a Christmas gift? Or buy them our gift vouchers? Available from £25 All details on the website in our gift shop. Order online for gifts up to £400. See More

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