Foot Trails hits headlines this week

Foot Trails team are regularly invited to speak as experts in local, regional, national and international press on matters from England’s rural economies to rural tourism, enterprise and of course walking and travel on foot.

This week Foot Trails founder Alison Howell was invited to provide expert advice for beginners to walking for Key Retirement.

Bath City and Country - View towards Bath

Alison believes strongly that walking is the perfect opportunity to ditch technology and let the mind and feet roam free.

Read Alison’s advice alongside 3 other experts here



This week Foot Trails is also featured as a local company ahead of a major South West England Export event.

When many people think about exporting they think about moving physical objects to places overseas, but Foot Trails is a fantastic example of a service company working to encourage those overseas to come to England to walk.

Read the full article here

Foot Trails loves welcoming its American guests and in the last few years Alison has made several trips to the US to improve Foot Trails understanding of this market.

USA - Alison Howell from Foot Trails

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