Dorset in the sunshine – freedom and smiles




The words were simple but heartfelt this afternoon – “Outdoors is where my soul feels the most calm and relaxed.”

David and I were walking in Dorset earlier today. The sun was shining… and as with the vast majority of our trails and routes we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was quiet and peaceful and the city of Bath, which I love dearly, felt a long way away. Which in many ways it was.



We were walking on part of our Thomas Hardy Trail which is a truly spectacular day out walking not least for its tremendous far reaching views over rolling hills, sharp valleys and boundless rural countryside which hasn’t really changed in centuries. And certainly not since we have been walking it, which is about 20 years or so now.


In truth – there wasn’t InstagramCapture_cfb6b7e2-3805-4a01-b350-16425f2dcf3fa particular reason we were out walking and doing so other than the best one of all. Which is we just felt like it….so we did.

We packed a small picnic and paused on route with the fabulous Dorset countryside laid out before us and we sat and gazed, admired, chatted and took in the many butterflies that fluttered and flew between the remaining pretty purple and pink wild flowers and occasional delicate harebell springing up all over the chalk downlands.






Modern life can be fast. It can be complicated. We all have our challenges. But when I’m outside, feet the only thing marking time, breeze fluttering through my hair, a bottle of water in my rucksac and the knowledge that a great dinner waits ahead of me when I’m done, I’m not happier anywhere else.

And England on a summers day like this is hard to beat. And yes, I am tinsy bit biased!

by Alison Howell, Foot Trails founder and CEO

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