Staying in one place

With a Foot Trail, you can walk your way.

Not many can customise a self guided walk to the degree Foot Trails can.

Our extensive local expertise, earned on the ground and in house trip planning experts enable us to plan walks from 5 miles to 12 miles, include rest days, arrange transfer and mix areas giving you anything from a 3 night short break to a 3 week trip.

Quick Summary

Staying in One Place is:

  • Ideal for shorter walking stays or as a way to explore multiple locations.
  • Relaxed travel based from one of our personally chosen accommodations.
  • A different and varied walk to enjoy every day from your doors.

More detail ...

  • You’ll stay for a minimum of three nights (two in winter months) and up to four nights in one of our hand picked country inns.
  • The length of your walks can vary to suit you. Either shorter, 5 to 7 miles per day or longer, up to 10 – 12 miles each day.
  • We will work with you to create your own custom made itinerary and to select walks and trails that best meet your wish list.

Request an example itinerary for one or more of our Staying in One Place walking trails or get in touch with us today to start exploring options and to check availability.

Staying in One Place is great if:

  • You enjoy being able to relax and get to know where you stay, without having to keep moving
  • You like to explore in depth, seeing different facets of an area
  • You prefer a more slower paced trip

Be inspired:

Staying in one place is one of the 4 styles of walk we offer. We also offer ...

Inn to Inn Walking & Hiking

Linear walking with a sense of journey. Start at one point and finish further on
Walk from village to village, spending two nights at each country inn on route. Intentional to explore deeper and with no need to keep unpacking. Your luggage is transported ahead.

Walking and Touring

Great for touring (without the crowds). Enjoy a variety of locations and walking during the one trip. Can also be enjoyed as a part walking part driving tour.

Private Guiding

Foot Trails offer memorable private guided walks with Alison and David Howell. You will have an opportunity to draw on their deep knowledge, passion and expertise to explore deeper into this beautiful part of the world.